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Steps to Filing a Worker’s Compensation Claim in Pennsylvania

Filing a Worker’s Compensation Claim can be an intimidating process to the average employee. More than likely, you will also be experiencing pain or sickness due to the incident during the time period, complicating matters even further. Do yourself a favor and minimize the stress that comes along with the situation as much as possible; remember, allowing yourself the proper opportunity to get healthy again is even more important than any money that you may receive. Therefore, be sure to follow these two easy steps to make sure you are starting your claim off on the right foot.

  1. Report Your Accident Immediately- The most important thing to do when faced with the situation of a workplace injury or sickness is the most obvious- tell your boss immediately! You need to properly document the accident and your injuries. If you wait too long to report your accident, your claim can be denied.
  2. Seek Medical Help- Make sure you follow up reporting your incident with a visit to the doctor or emergency room. Keep in mind that you will want to consult your employer to see which local doctors are on their list of approved workers compensation physicians.

If the unfortunate situation of a denial or delay occurs, please seek out legal assistance immediately.

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